Jamie Pittman - Dietitian and NutritionistJamie Pittman is a Registered Dietitian with her Masters of Science degree in Dietetics.  Jamie is also a fully certified Pilates instructor and worked in the field of Physical Therapy in an assortment of medical settings since 1998.  Jamie’s involvement with various patients, diagnoses and injuries sparked her interest in nutrition.  Having worked with many individuals with a variety of medical diagnoses, she realized the common denominator to most people’s problems was in their eating habits.  Wishing to share her love for healthy food, cooking, nutrition, and over all well being, she began her education in the field of dietetics.  Jamie is a member of the professional practice group Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine.  Through this group she has developed insight into a holistic approach to nutrition assessment and treatment. 

Jamie’s studies in this field have provided her with experience in counseling patients with a variety of common medical issues.  Much of her professional experience as a Registered Dietitian has involved community education, program development and individual nutritional counseling.  Jamie has a special interest in working with individuals with food sensitivities and IBS.  She is currently undergoing Lifestyle Eating And Performance (LEAP) training to become certified in the LEAP counseling technique. Jamie’s counseling sessions are goal oriented and help individuals better understand their own medical issues.